Why choose Delacom for your business communication services?

Delacom is expert at helping people to communicate more effectively. In today’s busy world, it’s more difficult than ever to grab someone’s attention and even more difficult to maintain it. We support you with both the tools and the techniques to get your message across as well as make sure your people are able to be productive and efficient at all times.

We help our clients to engage with their customers, suppliers, partners and staff. If you are looking to improve or update your business communication systems, we can help. Additionally, we install, configure and manage business services from the world’s leading providers to deliver end-to-end solutions that will save time, reduce costs, grow your business and improve customer experience.

Our range of business communication services includes:

      • Unified Communications
      • Cloud Communications
      • Cloud
      • Telephone systems
      • Contact centres
      • Future-proofed connectivity
If you are looking to improve or update your business communication systems or reduce costs we are here to help.
We install, configure and manage business communications services from the world’s leading providers to deliver end to end solutions which will save time, reduce costs, grow your business and improve customer experience.

Unified Communications

The telephone was a great invention back in 1876. But until recently, its evolution was pretty slow: For over 100 years, all you could do was talk. Today, there are so many more ways in which we communicate. Email, text, chat, messaging, voice, video, and screen sharing are all ways in which we can enhance the way we talk. The team at Delacom are experts in bringing all of these unified communication capabilities together in a single experience.

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Cloud Communications

Cloud is a business enabler as it allows the smallest of organisations to establish a virtual office and connect to the global marketplace. Organisations can be totally flexible, scaling their services up and down as required and customising apps to suit customer needs. There is huge opportunity in offering greater choice to customers and a better user experience. And there are employee productivity and morale gains to be made too, as cloud allows flexible working practices and better collaboration between teams.
Delacom has a huge array of experience in cloud communications. We partner with the world’s leading providers such as RingCentral and Fuze to deliver the right service for our customers.

Telephone Systems

We’ve yet to find a business that doesn’t rely on people being able to talk to each other. Voice continues to be the preferred channel for communication when there is something more complicated to be discussed. We have many years’ experience of traditional telephone systems, both on-premise and hosted platforms. We will work with you to identify the right approach for your business to ensure you can talk easily and cost-effectively.

Contact Center

A modern contact centre needs its people to be able to connect with customers through many different communication channels:


Delacom has over 25 years’ experience delivering contact centre solutions to help our customers thrive. We work with best-in-class contact centre providers to bring omnichannel contact to our customers.

Future-proofing your connectivity

All communications rely upon the ability of systems to connect. From simple phone lines to ISDN, SIP, Broadband, ADSL, Fibre, FTTP, FTTC, Delacom provides the right connectivity to make your business efficient, productive and cost-effective.
From 2020, traditional ISDN and PSTN services will no longer be available for new supply in the UK. In 2025 BT and Openreach plan to withdraw these services completely. Between now and then, your business needs to plan for replacing these services. We can help you make the right choice and stay ahead of your competition with cost-effective solutions to communicate more effectively.

We are offering a free review of your existing business communications set-up

For many of our customers, we’ve been able to reduce their business communications costs by up to 60% and at the same time brought them the benefits of a state of the art communications platform to support them in growing their business.
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