What Are Cloud Communications?

Cloud Communications are people engagement services like voice, video, messaging and chat which exist within the internet so that they can be utilised independently of location, device and operating system. Cloud Communications are available on demand and are usually charged on a pay as you go basis. Delacom makes it simple for business customers to take advantage of Cloud Communications.

Business communications

Let Delacom help you traverse the mass of communications options for your business and find the right one for you

Communications are vital for any business. This is obvious, but what is not obvious is quite how many options you truly have for the way your business communicates internally and externally
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Never miss another call

It can be frustrating if you miss an important call, it can be even more frustrating if you miss that call and don’t realise until days after!
Cloud communications drop the chances of you missing any contact to near zero.

The Evolution of


We have progressed at an alarming rate in the past few decades and communication is one of the sectors that is always improving. The communications market is advancing, evolving and adapting. Cloud-based communications are the logical step for any growing business.

Work on the go

With 90% of all employees who work on the go not wanting to give it up, cloud communication services are vital. The more efficient remote communication is the more efficient the business will be.

Cloud Communications Information

Market Size

The Cloud Communication market rose from 1.36 billion dollars to 2.19 billion dollars from 2016 – 2018


Cloud Communication services are scalable. As your business expands and contracts, your communications move with it


The very nature of Cloud Communications means it can adapt with communication trends


With multiple ways to encrypt and secure the way you communicate, cloud communications can be incredibly effective at keeping your data safe

Remote Working

With more and more businesses freelancing a remote work force, it is essential that cloud communications are an option

Cost Effective

Cloud Communication can save businesses thousands of pounds by having a cheaper set-up cost





CSPs (Cloud service providers) are constantly improving on their features and functions for their communications solutions. Usually, these features are free and part of an ongoing upgrade service. The benefit of this is you can focus on other aspects of your business and let your communications services handle themselves.

CSP’s generally include guaranteeingĀ  99.9% up-time for their services. There are sometimes sections of small print which indicate that down-time under 10 minutes is not counted so be careful if this would be an issue for your company