A map is an important tool for efficient travel. But just as the traditional road atlas has been made obsolete by real time services like Google Maps, the traditional phone system is now an expensive legacy that holds back business. The internet brings many new ways to communicate, though voice continues to be a must-have option. But so many businesses are paying too much and all they can do is talk.

Modern communication services are over complicated by terms like Voice over IP (VoIP), Hosted Telephony, Session Initiated Protocol (SIP), Unified Communications (UC). We aim to help customers see beyond the jargon and select the right solution for their business.

Here are 5 great reasons to begin your journey to the cloud today:

1: Lower Costs

Despite changing business tools such as mobile phones, tablets and vehicles, many businesses continue to utilise the phone systems they’ve had for years. They might have a system installed in the office, phones on desks and lines connecting them to the phone network. They pay rent for the lines, rental and/or maintenance for the system and sometimes even rental for the phones. They’ll also pay for the calls that they make either through a pre-paid bundle, or a few pence per each minute.

Through analysis of real customer’s bills, we’ve found that a cloud communication system can save a business 30% to 60% per year with a low cost to change.

2: Protect your Business against Disaster

The phone systems in the office are a single point of failure for a business. If the office cannot be accessed perhaps through fire or flood, or if the system is damaged or fails, the results can be catastrophic for a business. Customers cannot reach them as their calls go unanswered.

A cloud phone system mitigates this risk completely. Wherever staff may be, they can easily make and receive calls and carry on business whatever has gone wrong.

3: Work more Effectively

Legacy phone systems come with many features and functionality. Sure, you can configure queues and groups to try to better handle the incoming calls, but at the end of the day, all you can do is talk.

A cloud-based phone system comes with all of this, but much more too. The best services offer instant messaging, conference calling, file sharing, screen sharing and video. These communication and collaboration tools enable your people to operate more efficiently and effectively, offering a better experience to your customers and enabling your business to grow.

4: Work Anywhere

Modern communication services reach beyond the office walls. Whether you are travelling with just your mobile phone or staying in a hotel or working from home, all of your communications tools are at your fingertips wherever you may be. You are released from your desk and able you to work wherever you choose without having to remember to divert phones or forward them to colleagues.

5: Pay only for what you need

Most businesses we meet have spare capacity in their phone systems. They planned for growth and paid for it in advance understanding that traditional systems take time to change. But that investment is tied up and underutilised.

Cloud services make it easy to flex to meet your business needs. New people, new sites, even new countries can be added in seconds. You pay for what you need when you need it.


Now is the right time to plan your move to the cloud for communication. It will save you money and make your business more effective.

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