What Is Unified Communications?

UC bring together all the tools a business needs to communicate and collaborate securely and effectively in one place, including voice, chat, messaging, video, screen sharing, conferencing and file sharing. There are lots of options for the way your business can communicate and we will make a recommendation once we understand how your business is set up and what it wants to achieve. We include the devices and infrastructure you will need and the way to integrate them. 
So, let us do the hard part and work out the best UC set-up for you.

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Unified Communications is a term that doesn’t apply to just one aspect of communications but a multitude of communication tools.
At Delacom we will gather information about how your business is set-up and recommend the devices you will need and the way to integrate them.
There are thousands of options for the way your business communicates, so let us do the hard part and work out the best set-up for you.
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Unified Communications Is Not A Simple Thing

Not only are there a mass of options for the way unified communications are incorporated into your business, there are also two ways it can be applied

Unified Communications UC

This is the option where the infrastructure is in-house and requires the hardware to be located at your place of business

Unified Communications as a Service – UCaaS

This is becoming the more popular option because it allows your business to off-load all the expensive equipment and installation processes by having a cloud-based service. (see cloud communication)

UC & UCaaS Information Snippets

Market Size

Predicted market size for 2024 is $143.49B


A choice of two with hundreds of


49% of companies have adopted unified communications

Main reasons

43% of business say it would help employee collaboration

Main reasons

43% of business adopt it for an increase in productivity

Main reasons

33% of business use it to allow for employee’s work flexibility

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Increase your employees productivity with unified communications

Employees who have access to unified communications improve on productivity within projects. Using a single point of contact, people can communicate and consolidate much more efficiently